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JFX Technologies jual ServersCheck Temperature Monitoring Sensor Probe dengan harga terbaik di Jakarta, Indonesia. Dapatkan harga ServersCheck Temperature Monitoring Sensor Probe dengan menghubungi Kami juga jual produk EMS lainnya baik dari ServersCheck ataupun merk lain, klik disini untuk pilihan produk EMS lainnya. Berikut penjelasan singkat mengenai ServersCheck Temperature Monitoring Sensor Probe, atau untuk informasi datasheet bisa download disini

ServersCheck is a complete, modular, scalable, open & affordable monitoring solution. It has been deployed by more than 7,000 companies and organizations around the world. It can fit the needs of organizations of any size: from very small to Fortune 100 companies.

It’s a complete solution.

ServersCheck offers a range of sensors. They can monitor the environmentpowersecurity and industrial equipment. They are designed to be used inside critical facilities. The sensors connect to our base units. Base units operate as stand-alone units. No other hardware or software needed. However they can also be integrated with your Network Management Systems or Building Management Systems.

Optionally you can connect your ServersCheck sensors to our Cloud based Monitoring Platform.

It’s a modular solution.

ServersCheck is like Lego: you only take the building bricks you need. You build your own sensor solution based on your requirements..

The foundation is a small base unit. To that unit you connect the sensors you need. Requirements change? No worries, other sensors can always be added later. Per base unit you can have up to 8 wired or 30 wireless sensors with the optional expansion hubs.

With ServersCheck you don’t need to change the base unit when you want to add more sensors later: you just add an expansion unit!

Designed for indoor use inside data centers, server rooms & cabinets.

– compact plug & play sensor.
– connects to & powered by the base unit.
– sensor accuracy ±0.5ºC (0.9 ºF)
– 0U rack or wall mountable.
– Steel inclosure. Industrial Grade.
– alerts via SNMP Traps, email, SMS or voice calls.
– optional calibration certificates available.

Sensor Drifting & Calibration

Fact is that all sensors do drift over time mainly due to physical factors.

Our temperature sensors are tested in the factory for tolerance prior to shipping to you. Customers requiring calibration certificates for compliancy or assurance purposes can request a calibration certificate from our in-house lab with their purchase. It is recommended to have your temperature sensor calibrated at least once per year.

About the Temperature Probe.

The external temperature sensor adds an additional monitoring point to the SensorGateway, the base unit. For example by using 2 external temperature probes you can monitor with one single device temperature in 3 different points. This ideal to monitor one rack: front top and bottom. When using floor cooling you will get front the bottom front temperature sensor the temperature of the air getting to the rack. The top front sensor will inform you if sufficient cool air gets to the top of the rack. The hottest point in a rack is the top back of the rack, as hot air climbs. The delta between intake and outtake temperature may not exceed 20°C or 34°F.

The sensor can monitor temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit within a range of -55°C to +125°C (-67ºF to +167ºF). It has a precision of ±0.1ºC (0.18ºF) with an accuracy of ±0.5°C (0.9°F) from -10°C to +85°C / 14°F to 185°F. Please consider that the SensorGateway has different operating temperature ranges.

Selain jual ServersCheck Temperature Monitoring Sensor Probe, JFX Technologies juga menerima jasa instalasi dan maintenance EMS dengan harga bersaing. Kami tidak sekedar jual ServersCheck Temperature Monitoring Sensor Probe, tetapi juga memberikan jaminan atas barang yang anda beli.