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JFX Technologies jual Infotrend EonStor GS 3000U dengan harga terbaik di Jakarta, Indonesia. Dapatkan harga Infotrend EonStor GS 3000U dengan menghubungi Kami juga jual produk Storage lainnya baik dari Infotrend ataupun merk lain, klik disini untuk pilihan produk Storage lainnya. Berikut penjelasan singkat mengenai Infotrend EonStor GS 3000U, atau untuk informasi datasheet bisa download disini

Cost-Effective All-Flash U.2 NVMe SSD Unified Storage

Infotrend EonStor GS 3000U utilizes U.2 NVMe SSD, delivering high performance in both file and block environments at a competitive price. The series offers complete data protection features, SSD optimization technology, and scaled-out expansion that can linearly increase performance and capacity.

Cost-Effectiveness and High Storage Efficiency

U.2 NVMe SSD is becoming the mainstream in the market as it combines the advantages of SAS and SATA SSDs, allowing enterprises to enjoy higher performance at a competitive price.

EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage supports hybrid storage, and with automated storage tiering, the storage system can automatically leverage the high throughput and low latency of U.2 NVMe SSDs for frequently accessed data, while using HDDs on expansion enclosures as data backup media, thereby boosting system performance at a reduced total cost of ownership.

EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage also comes with inline compression and offline deduplication, which reduces the required storage capacity and thus saves storage costs. The inline compression feature compresses raw files in real-time, which greatly shrinks the data size and reduces the transfer time. To deal with repeated files saved by manual backups or archiving, offline deduplication helps you automatically remove duplicate data from the cluster to free up storage space.

Flexible Scalability with Scale-out and Scale-up

Through scale-out expansion, you can linearly increase performance and capacity for both block-level and file-level environments. When one storage appliance is no longer able to provide enough performance or capacity, you can simply add more appliances to form a cluster—with a maximum of 4 appliances.

Through scale-up expansion, each storage appliance can be connected to JBOD expansion enclosures to add up to 896 drives. Together with scale-out expansion, EonStor GS U.2 NVMe storage supports more than 3000 drives in total.

Selain jual Infotrend EonStor GS 3000U, JFX Technologies juga menerima jasa instalasi dan maintenance Storage dengan harga bersaing. Kami tidak sekedar jual Infotrend EonStor GS 3000U, tetapi juga memberikan jaminan atas barang yang anda beli.