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JFX Technologies jual Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000 dengan harga terbaik di Jakarta, Indonesia. Dapatkan harga Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000 dengan menghubungi Kami juga jual produk Secure Email Gateway lainnya baik dari Barracuda ataupun merk lain, klik disini untuk pilihan produk Secure Email Gateway lainnya. Berikut penjelasan singkat mengenai Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000, atau untuk informasi datasheet bisa download disini

Securing Email with Email Encryption

Email encryption is used to ensure that only the intended recipient is able to access the email and any attachments. Traditionally, deploying email encryption services has been complex and cumbersome. In addition, use of email encryption requires the sender and recipient to exchange their encryption keys prior to sending and receiving emails. Both of these factors severely limit the usefulness and adoption of secure practices for exchanging email. In the face of complexity, many users decide to bypass their organizations’ policies, potentially exposing sensitive and confidential data.

Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000 offers simple yet secure email encryption. Email encryption is available as a feature in both the Barracuda Email Security Gateway (hardware appliance) and the Barracuda Email Security Service (cloud-based). A cloud-based approach to email encryption ensures that keys are stored centrally. Key management happens automatically without any added overhead for either the users or administrators.

Why is Transport Layer Security (TLS) not sufficient?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) provides a secure channel for data transmission, and ensures that all content, emails, and attachments are encrypted during transit. This is known as Data-in-Motion security, because the data is secure during the actual transmission process. However, TLS does not provide security for data at rest, which means that data such as emails and attachments could be getting stored without any encryption, on the sending and receiving servers as well as any other servers and gateways that may be involved in filtering and delivering the email.

In addition, any server that terminates the TLS connection can act as an email proxy, or forward the received email to another server. Any of these servers might not adhere to the same security requirements as the sending server. Terminating TLS connections before the final destination email server is often done for filtering email, enforcing policies and archiving. As a result with TLS, the sender has no way to guarantee the security of the email.

Selain jual Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000, JFX Technologies juga menerima jasa instalasi dan maintenance Secure Email Gateway dengan harga bersaing. Kami tidak sekedar jual Barracuda Email Security Gateway 1000, tetapi juga memberikan jaminan atas barang yang anda beli.