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JFX Technologies jual Ruijie RG-AP500 dengan harga terbaik di Jakarta, Indonesia. Dapatkan harga Ruijie RG-AP500 dengan menghubungi Kami juga jual produk access point lainnya baik dari Ruijie ataupun merk lain, klik disini untuk pilihan produk access point lainnya. Berikut penjelasan singkat mengenai Ruijie RG-AP500, atau untuk informasi datasheet bisa download disini

Leveraging 802.11ac technology, the compact RG-AP500 Series delivers high-bandwidth, low-latency network connection at a low cost. The RG-AP500 Series is designed to serve the high-density, high-ceiling Wi-Fi scenarios with strong and consistent AP signals, ideal for sectors of higher education, government, healthcare, finance and enterprises. Compatible with the RG-MACC platform, the RG-AP500 Series supports robust and scalable Wi-Fi deployment and management to stay ahead of the evolving requirements of wireless networks.The full series, featuring the dual-radio, dual-band performance enhancement, supports a maximum throughput of up to 1750Mbps, significantly eliminating Gigabit wireless bottlenecks.

Smart Wireless Coverage

●802.11ac Gigabit Access Rate

The 5GHz band of RG-AP500 Series supports 802.11ac, the next-generation Wi-Fi standard, and offers a maximum connection rate up to 1300Mbps. When the dual bands operate simultaneously, the APs achieve an ultra-fast speed of up to 1.75Gbps. Comparing to the conventional 802.11n standard, the throughput is greatly enhanced. The RG-AP500 Series delivers a truly high-speed user experience.

●Remarkable Energy-saving Design

The RG-AP500 Series adopts advanced power-saving features including single-antenna standby, dynamic MIMO power saving, enhanced transmission technology with automatic power saving and packet-by-packet power control. Coupled with the high-performance power supply design, the APs guarantee high-speed wireless access and maximized signal coverage under 802.3af power supply.

●Industry-leading Local Forwarding Technology

In collaboration with Ruijie RG-WS Wireless AC Series, users can flexibly pre-set a forwarding mode for the RG-AP500 Series. The APs can determine whether to forward data to the AC according to a SSID or user VLAN, or directly send the data to a wired network for data exchange.

The local forwarding technology can forward large-scale, delay-sensitive and real-time transmission data through the wired network. The feature significantly alleviates the traffic pressure on the wireless controllers and better fulfills the high traffic transmission requirements of 802.11ac network.

●Abundant QoS Policies

The RG-AP500 Series supports an extensive array of QoS policies. For example, it provides bandwidth limitations in WLAN/AP/STA modes and Wi-Fi multimedia (WMM) that defines different priorities for different service data. The RG-AP500 Series realizes timely and quantitative transmission of audio and video and guarantees smooth operation of multi-media applications.

With the multicast-to-unicast conversion technology, the RG-AP500 Series resolves the video interruption problem due to packet loss or long delay in the wireless Video on Demand (VoD) system. The RG-AP500 Series highly enhances user experience with multicast video over wireless networks.

●Built-in Latest “X-Sense 3” Smart Antenna

The RG-AP520-I(G2) of the RG-AP500 Series implements Ruijie’s leading “X-Sense 3” Smart Antenna. The antenna deploys vertical polarization and horizontal polarization antenna arrays. In the “X-Sense 3” Smart Antenna matrix architecture, the RG-AP520-I(G2) with 12 built-in array antennas dynamically selects up to 4,096 different antenna combinations and effectively solves the weakness of coverage dead zones of traditional antennas. Regardless of the location of smart device, the “X-Sense 3” Smart Antenna customizes and aligns the best signal path to achieve full coverage. In comparison with traditional smart antenna, the “X-Sense 3” wireless gain has improved more than 5dB with a market-leading 5GHz coverage performance. An optimal signal experience is ensured with ease regardless of how the end device is placed (no matter the device is set up horizontally or vertically).

Selain jual Ruijie RG-AP500, JFX Technologies juga menerima jasa instalasi dan maintenance access point dengan harga bersaing. Kami tidak sekedar jualRuijie RG-AP500 , tetapi juga memberikan jaminan atas barang yang anda beli.