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JFX Technologies jual H3C UIS 6000 G5 dengan harga terbaik di Jakarta, Indonesia. Dapatkan harga H3C UIS 6000 G5 dengan menghubungi Kami juga jual produk Hyper Converged Infrastructure lainnya baik dari H3C ataupun merk lain, klik disini untuk pilihan produk Hyper Converged Infrastructure lainnya. Berikut penjelasan singkat mengenai H3C UIS 6000 G5, atau untuk informasi datasheet bisa download disini

H3C UIS 6000 G5

H3C UIS 6000 G5 HCI system 7.0 is an innovative future-oriented product for enterprises and industry data centers. In compliance with the open architecture standards, H3C UIS seamlessly integrates software technologies such as compute virtualization, storage virtualization, network security virtualization, O&M and monitoring management, and cloud service delivery on x86 and ARM servers. This integration streamlines data centers and IT operations, drives management efficiency, and reduces the TCO.

The H3C UIS 6000 G5 server uses Intel Xeon 3rd-generation scalable processors. With a modular design, the server can accommodate up to 50 SFF disks and 24 optional NVMe SSD disks. The server is highly available and reliable, which makes it an ideal hardware platform for key workloads, virtualization, server consolidation, databases, service processing, and general-purpose 4-processor data-intensive applications. With six interconnected UP buses, 3200MT/s DDR4 memory, and PMem 200 memory chips, this server guarantees a performance improvement of up to 40%. 18 standard PCIe 3.0 I/O channels provide excellent expansion capabilities. The power conversion efficiency of the server is between 94% and 96%, and its standard operating temperature is 5 to 45°C (41 to 113°F), which provides users with high energy efficiency.

Convergence and Simplicity

  • Management convergence – Unifies the management of compute, storage, network, security, monitoring, and cloud service software capabilities to provide cloud capabilities out of the box.
  • Kernel convergence – Seamlessly integrates virtualized kernel and IPv6 capabilities, high-performance vSwitches, SR-IOV NIC driver, and GPU driver for system efficiency, reliability, and stability.
  • Storage convergence – Virtualizes the local disks into a resource pool to provide unified block, file, and object storage services to accommodate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.
  • Simplified service deployment – Integrates one-click auto migration tools that support P2V and V2V migration to help you quickly migrate traditional services to the cloud.
  • Visual and simplified O&M – Provides a flat, adaptive, and scalable platform for agile service delivery. The dashboard display, one-click operation, system health model, visual deployment, and quick access features enable you to perform visual, digital, automatic, and intelligent management, operations, and maintenance.

Selain jual H3C UIS 6000 G5, JFX Technologies juga menerima jasa instalasi dan maintenance Hyper Converged Infrastructure dengan harga bersaing. Kami tidak sekedar jual H3C UIS 6000 G5, tetapi juga memberikan jaminan atas barang yang anda beli.